Welcome to the website showcase for the bespoke organic furniture and wood sculpture by Brad Quarless.

“I focus on providing a wide range of sustainably produced organic sculptures, handcrafted furniture and bespoke serving boards.”

My wide range of products including sculpture, unique furniture, chairs and kitchen items such as serving platters, bowls and chopping boards in various wood types and styles.

My work is for sale in various locations across the UK, I often work on a commission basis providing unique, original designs to the customer’s requirements. I always involve the client in every stage of design to ensure a good result for both parties.

Alternatively, you can purchase directly from me, please use the Contact Me page to get in touch.

I mainly work with wood that fulfils my remit of sustainability through recycling, reclaiming and foraging for wood. for food related orders, I use stabilised timbers from around the world (that are not from endangered deforestation  areas).

This is an essential part of my work to give trees a second life.


Brad Quarless 2016 (carved Yew table)